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    • A for Effort

      George Schmidt made his point: the CASE test was worthless. But the quality of the test wasn't the issue in court.
    • Test CASE/The Schmidt Report

      All public school kids are required to take the Chicago Academic Standards Examinations, but some teachers have decided they can't take it anymore.
    • PURE Joy

      With Vallas gone, a formerly isolated parents' group contemplates a new era.
    • Off the Team

      The Board of Education just dumped an organization of private donors that was pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into after-school programs. What were they thinking?
    • Just Say No

      Most agree that teaching kids to refrain from sex is a good idea, but should sex ed stop there? And should the Moonies be the ones teaching abstinence in public schools?
    • Bad Medicine

      Chicago teachers are left scrambling as their HMO and the school board reach an impasse.
    • Students' Pet

      After 30 years of sometimes raucous teaching, a Whitney Young favorite bids farewell.
    • Nobody's Fools

      Why did some of Whitney Young's brightest students score a zero on the IGAP standardized test?
    • Go Figure

      Roosevelt High pulls off a startling upset at the city algebra contest