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    • Bad Ideas

      Cameron Tuttle's bad girl guides just lead women into the same old traps.
    • We're All Disconnected

      Political participation is down, civic participation is down, religious participation is down, charitable participation is down. People don't even go to parties much anymore.
    • Boys Will Be Boys

      What happened when an ambitious researcher tried to fool Mother Nature.
    • Tipped Off

      Malcolm Gladwell's new book isn't just a look at how fads work--it's a sinister exercise in the manipulation of information, meaning, and, ultimately, us.
    • Completely Mad

      Two new anthologies try to recapture the insurgent mania of Mad magazine's heyday.
    • A Tale of Two Women

      Hannah Senesh is one of Monica Lewensky's personal heroes. What would Senesh say about Monica?
    • Magnificent Obsessions

      Lawrence Weschler writes about people you've never heard of whose lives are consumed by things you don't know anything about, and invariably their stories are fascinating and profound.