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    • Land of Dreams

      It's a cherished American truism that humble beginnings don't limit a person's ability to succeed. But a local economist has good evidence that, in fact, they do and our society is nowhere near as mobile as we thought.
    • Snakes in the Grass

      The threatened eastern massasauga rattlesnake is finding out the hard way who its friends are.
    • Shakers

      Five years ago these people were asked very politely, in an undertone hushed by repugnance bordering on horror, to take their Laurel and Hardys and their grinning duckies and their big-breasted bimbos and leave the Antique and Art Glass Salt Shaker Collec
    • Man Track

      Did Playboy really need a costly national survey to measure the pulse of the 1990s male? Doesn't the magazine's success prove that male pulses behave pretty much the way they always have?
    • Flight Training

      For $295, American Airlines offers a two-day course designed to alleviate fear of flying. They call it "AAcheiving Flight," which probably gets them a good listing in the yellow pages.
    • Compasso d'Oro

      The imperative of U.S. design is to make things cheaply, while in Italy the aim is to make even cheap things well. One is a method, the other an ethic.
    • Ladies in Curling

      She glides 12 feet forward, one leg behind her, the other bent to her chest, her waist skimming just inches above the ice. The stone, 42 pounds of black granite pulls away from her hand as if in slow motion.