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    • Bounty Hunter

      With the explosion of interest in homegrown produce, finding enough farmers to supply our markets has become a full-time job.
    • The Misfit Farmer

      John Peterson didn't get along with his neighbors, but he refused to move even after he practically lost the family farm. Now he runs a successful organic farming operation--and his neighbors still don't like him much.
    • The Best Music of 2005

      Our Section 3 regulars have made their lists. Even though some of them don't believe in lists, man.
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    • Ghetto Blaster

      For three decades Alexander Polikoff has been pushing the CTA to keep the promises it made after a landmark desegregation case.
    • A Scene From Scratch

      Mary Anne Mohanraj wants to create a support network for aspiring South Asian writers in Chicago. Step one: find aspiring South Asian writers in Chicago.
    • The Invisible Architect

      We know her ravishing renderings helped make Frank Lloyd Wright and other Prairie School architects make their mark. But Marion Mahony's other contributions to the movement are still being revealed more than 40 years after her death.
    • Little Cafe in the Big Woods

      These Parts: How the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder came to depend on one family-owned restaurant for its survival.
    • For the Love of a Camera

      These Parts: Jack Deardorff and Ken Hough once came together to try to save a classic American machine. Now they don't even speak.
    • The Dirty 30

      These Parts: A battle for control of a small-town historical society gets ugly. Really ugly.
    • The Best Music of 2004

      Our regulars rummage through the stacks.
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    • Love of Labor

      Les Orear has been working for the workers since the advent of the New Deal. In what may well be his last campaign, he's pushing for a museum to honor them.
    • Sidewalk Sales

      Risking citations and sudden downpours, the scrappy shopkeepers of South Ashland take their business to the street--the only place they can hope to get noticed.
    • Good Times at Cabrini

      This summer a spontaneous reunion spurred a series of gigantic street parties for people who called the project home. No plans, no permits, no problems.
    • The Fastest Girl in the World

      Betty Robinson was discovered when a coach saw her running for the train. Four months later she won the first Olympic gold medal in women's track. Then she mangled her leg in a horrifying plane crash. Think that slowed her down?
    • The Colonel's Weed

      Tribune boss Robert McCormick had a farm, and on that farm he grew some hemp.