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Mike Sula

Mike Sula

I'm the Reader's lead restaurant critic and have been a contributor here since 1995. I've also written about politics, crime, film, health care, and paleontology, and have profiled a rainbow of urban eccentrics. My work has been published in in Harper's, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, NPR's The Salt,... more
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    • Rocky Boy, This is a Showdown

      Animal lovers fed and nurtured the creatures of Rosehill Cemetery. Now there's only one way to deal with the fat, friendly racoons.
    • Guardian of Eden

      With a pet raccoon and a bulldog's temper, wendell defends his own little patch of paradise.
    • Pipe Dreams

      Jaime Aramburo thinks his invention will change bathroom etiquette forever, and he's paid big bucks to a company to help him get it on the market. Is he flushing his money down the toilet?
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    • Calendar

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    • The Healing Arts

      Don Seiden's creative approach to therapy.
    • Pistol Packin' Pols

      Did you know Springfield was considering taking away your alderman's concealed weapon? Did you even know your alderman might have a concealed weapon?
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    • It's All Her Fault

      Katherine Chronis, Professional Fall Girl
    • Mystery in the Desert

      Filmmaker Jeff Spitz set out to uncover the story behind a haunting movie no one could explain. What he found was a Navajo family with a history involving Hollywood, uranium mining, and a long-lost little boy.