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Peter Margasak

Peter Margasak

I’ve been a staff writer at the Chicago Reader since 1996, which is when I started writing the Post No Bills column. It ran until 2004 and was reborn a few years ago as my Reader blog. I've written about all kind of styles and music-related topics over the years, from proto-punkers to rabid record collectors to... more
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    • The Best of the Afterfest

      The music doesn't stop when the park closes.
    • The Man Who Makes It Happen
    • The Man Who Makes It Happen

      Mike Reed's best known as the guy who assembles indie rock's favorite festival, but in his spare time he performs miracles for the local jazz scene.
    • An Improvised Life

      Her path has been anything but straightforward, but Nicole Mitchell is on her way to becoming the greatest living flutist in jazz.
    • The Funk Archaeologist

      How Dante Carfagna's record collection became a Rosetta Stone for funk fanatics around the world.
    • The MC5 Movie You May Never See

      Is guitarist Wayne Kramer being a jerk for nixing a documentary about his band? Or are the filmmakers trying to walk all over him?