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  • Battle Lines

    An unlikely coalition may wipe racist boundaries off the ward map.
  • Bite of a Gadfly

    Public Library's New Calendar Draws Fire
  • A good return

    Creative Reuse Warehouse's class act
  • Riders Looking Up Again

    The CTA reinstates some much-missed lines--of poetry
  • Stupid Move; WGCI Gets Religion

    Why is this state job-training office creeping father and farther away from the disabled clients who use it?
  • Code War

    Small theaters are suddenly being targeted by city inspectors. Is the city out to singe the fringe?
  • Killing Them With Kindness

    The CTA's improved access for the disabled may be just a smokescreen for deep service cuts.
  • In Over Their Heads

    A new fee for lap swimming at Park District pools prompts a crusade by a couple of aquanauts. So far, the city doesn't seem to be listening.
  • Fear of Wages

    Ordinance may force city contractors to pay fair
  • High and Dry

    The flood waters have receded, but home owners' anger over tardy relief is rising
  • Home Owners Beware!

    Ever heard of a driveway tax. Neither had Mary Peavy, and it nearly cost her her house.
  • Projected Losses

    As the library prepares to take its 16-millimeter-film collection out of circulation, a movie lover scrambles to show the world what's about to be packed away.
  • Middle-Class Living Room

    Aldermen risk Daley's wrath to insist on affordable space.
  • Home of the Blues

    Six months into its new recycling program has Chicago really got it in the bag?
  • Foot Soldiers

    Where the Chicago Marathon goes, gentrification follows.
  • Jaws of Victory

    Lost, confused, hysterical: how one woman celebrated the Bulls championship
  • Out in the Cold

    The city seems determined to make a disabled man's life even more difficult.
  • A Real Pain in the Tracks

    The CTA had activist Adam Kerman arrested for leafleting at a subway stop. Think it had anything to do with his leaflets?
  • Streets and San Stole My Bike!

    While unsuspecting cyclists watched Radiohead in Grant Park, a city crew quietly made their propert disappear.