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  • Next Week: Hell Freezes Over

    Collaboraction finally throws a good party.
  • The Trouble With Roe v. Wade

    If South Dakota's the way of the future, hello Canada.
  • Tame Guerrillas

    Outrageously priced "renegade" fashion at Vacant and rebellion interruptus at Camp Gay.
  • White Line Fever

    Sometimes you just gotta get out of town.
  • Too Dirty for Lincoln Park

    Mus wrestling, cross-dressing, airborne pudding, and other wholesome fun. Plus: the world of sample sales.
  • The Weird World of Rotten Milk

    Wildcats, balooon animals, the safe exchange of power--it's been a busy month for Dave Pecoraro.
  • The Haves

    Of jet-setters and 18th-century teenage queens
  • Rockabilly Jerk Ruins Night

    Which was still more interesting than auditioning for America's Next Top Model.
  • Better From Afar

    I worshipped M.I.A.--until I remembered the night I met her.
  • Let's Get Lost

    Take a joyride, follow the pied piper in the panama hat, or immerse yourself in an "art, activism, and media convergence."
  • Homemade Fun

    Noisemakers and great-grandmothers do it from scratch.
  • Sex in the Oddest Places

    Found magazine's pervy sister publication collects the kind of stuff you should never, ever put in the trash.
  • The Summer of Bad Ideas

    And the fall of good intentions
  • Armstrong Family Values

    And you thought Liz was a party animal. Plus: Joe Meno, you have a new fan.
  • Hot Fun in the Etc

    Wet and wild becomes wet and nauseous at Hurricane Harbor. Plus: Hey Cadets! out-debauches Buddy.
  • It Only Hurts if You Care

    The pleasures and perils of narcissim
  • The Product Whore of Babylon

    Drunk on youth serums, glossing creams, and face volumizers. Yes, face volumizers.
  • O Schaumburg!

    When the going gets tired, the tired go to the suburbs.