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    • This Party's Over

      Farewell friends, family, faithful readers, and all you other beautiful fuckups
    • Good-bye to All That

      Zombies in the street, Polish nightclubbers in sweater-vests, and group gropes at Red-I--those were the days.
    • Open-Source Living

      Why Victor Grigas wants you to graffiti his garage door
    • A Farewell to a Foot Slave

      When Liz leaves Chicago at the end of this month, this isn't the only job she's quitting.
    • The Haves

      Of jet-setters and 18th-century teenage queens
    • Wicker Park Is Dead!

      Long live Wicker Park!
    • Packages From a Pack Rat

      Marc Fischer turns nine years' worth of correspondence from Parisian artist Bruno Richard into an intriguing art exhibit. Plus: a drummer to love.
    • Cheap Mondays and Expensive Weekends

      If you're going to go all the way to New York for a pair of jeans, you might as well break 'em in right.
    • Whitewashed

      How the city wiped out a decade of history
    • The Summer of Bad Ideas

      And the fall of good intentions
    • Happiness Is a Decapitated Bunny

      Self-mutilation, stuffed-animal abuse, and barbecue-flavored blood--now that's a night on the town.
    • Bat 'Em if You Got 'Em

      Where better to test out your newly permed eyelashes than at a lesbian lit party?
    • Thinking Inside the Box

      A little sensory deprivation helps the overstimulation go down.
    • A Bodega in the Sky

      An antigentrification project that's a walk in the park
    • It Only Hurts if You Care

      The pleasures and perils of narcissim
    • Summertime Slump

      When it's this hot, a good time can be a good night's work.
    • Hug It Out

      Taking darshan with Indian holy woman Amma
    • Lair Hopping

      A Garfield Park party and an unexpected detour
    • A Swinging Affair

      Do sexual explorers really need a party planner?
    • Only in LA

      A too-intimate evening with a would-be glam-rock icon
    • White Line Fever

      Sometimes you just gotta get out of town.
    • He's a Believer

      Singing along with other people's songs in bars changed Peter Enger's life.
    • Dick Lit

      Ad execs Michael and Tim Burke have conveniently catalogued all the creepy shit every guy should try to get away with beforehe marries the harpy who's destined to emasculate him.
    • Fear Itself

      Visiting John Wayne Gacy's old place seemed like a good idea until we got there.
    • The Daddy of Depravity

      John Waters teaches a master class on petty crime and civilized misbehavior.