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    • Rod Gives 'Em the Shaft, Part II

      Another old pal of the governor is denied a job merely because he's a felon.
    • Go Home and Play!

      The neighborhood parks have never looked better, but we're paying for it in staff and program cuts.
    • The Price of Milk in East Village

      Alderman Manny Flores is on the hot seat again, this time over a giant Dominick's that would replace Edmar Foods.
    • No Law Against That

      John Vasilopulos says he doesn't dislike his neighbors because they're gay. He just thinks they're jerks.
    • Let Them Lift Cake

      The Park District can't afford $800 worth of equipment to keep a west-side weight room open? That's less than the price of a plate at last week's Millennium Park fund-raiser.
    • There Goes Another School

      Daley says he wants more of them--so why's the city tearing this one down?
    • Public Promises, Private Cuts

      While Mayor Daley trumpets this year's school fixes, he's quietly undoing last year's.
    • School's Out Forever

      Certain poor black schools are sitting on some mighty promising real estate. How convenient that enrollment's down too.
    • Try City Hall, Sherlock

      The sheriff's guys can't track down an alderman?
    • When Aldermen Attack

      Without Daley telling them how to vote on the Wal-Mart issue, the aldermen began to turn on each other.
    • Whole Lot of Nothing

      This sunken eyesore is hard to miss--unless, apparently, you're an alderman who could do something about it.
    • Fighting Chances

      Andra Medea wrote the book on how to deal with bullies.
    • Gas Attack

      Citizens Utility Board researcher David Kolata dug through thousands of dull documents to find what may be explosive evidence of wrongdoing at Peoples Energy.
    • Shot in the Dark

      It's been nearly a year since Barry Cunnane was inexplicably gunned down, but his friends haven't given up on finding the killer.
    • Orange Alert

      Orange designation doesn't protect historical buildings after all--not when Burton Natarus and the Plan Commission approve demolition.
    • Confuse-a-Candidate

      In Chicago holding on to your office can be as simple as getting a good lawyer to mess with the other guy.
    • Final Countdown for the Point

      Frustrated Hyde Parkers get ready to play their ace in the hole.
    • Exit Wounds

      Permanently close a bunch of ramps on the Dan Ryan? It seemed like a good idea to IDOT.
    • Backroom Boogie

      How did the mayor get two popular candidates to agree to drop out of a potentially gripping race?