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  • Cityscape: The Rise and Fall of Michigan Ave.

    Developers and merchants have always been the de facto planners of our major streets. They made North Michigan the spacious resort that it is, and they will preside over its destruction.
  • Reading: True Midwest

    William Maxwell's stories balance the opposing forces of small-town life, the sweetness and the corruption.
  • Beast in the East

    In Moscow's Exile, hard news jumps in bed with misogyny and mayhem.
  • Hat and Soul

    What's worse than waiting in line for a driver's license? Waiting in line and then being turned away.
  • Reading: Union Buster Tells All

    "The only way to bust a union," writes the repentant Marty Levitt, "is to lie, distort, manipulate, threaten, and always attack..."
  • Boys Will Be Boys

    What happened when an ambitious researcher tried to fool Mother Nature.
  • Reading: Flashing Back to the 60s

    Ed Sanders, Abbie Hoffman, Terry Southern, Richard Meltzer--as Fritz leafed through the reprints his teeth began to pick up tinny vibrations. The pangs of memory...why now after all these years?
  • Getting Airborne

    How Jim Kenner and Gail McColl beat Wham-O at its own game.
  • Reflections: The Sickness of the Soul

    I suffered from depression for many years. I thought I was simply getting what I deserved--that a pathetic person like me could not (and in some sense should not) escape a pathetic life.
  • Reading: Edward Abbey's Last Rant

    More extreme than ever, with no new social graces, the impolitic polemicist strikes a posthumous blow for Mother Earth.
  • Fat Chance

    A Farrelly brothers movie with a radically healthy attitude toward large women?
  • Reading: Strunk & White, Language Police

    "Write naturally," advises White. But he and his professor and their poisonous little book and their legion of devotees virtually ensure that it will not happen.
  • Being Andy Kaufman

    He seems to be everywhere these days. So why is he still so hard to find?
  • Reflections: A Boy's Dream of Adventure

    Lawrence of Arabia expanded my young awareness not only of what a movie could be, but of what life could be.