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  • Boy Meets Band

    Ian Adams wasn't looking to lead a new group after quitting the Ponys, but the right one found him.
  • Strike Up the Band

    After a self-imposed hiatus and Tim Rutili's move to LA, Califone gears up for the release of a new album.
  • Lock Up Your Gameboys

    Nicolas Collins, electronic composer and master jerry-rigger, has put the lessons from his Art Institute circuit-bending class into a book.
  • Where Is She Now?

    Veruca Salt's Nina Gordon is alive and well in LA, where she's made a second solo album. Two of them, in fact.
  • Just Right

    After a series of musical matchups that didn't quite fit, three childhood pals put together their dream band, the 1900s.
  • Have Sitar, Will Travel

    Dan Schneider's been plugging away for years in Pedal Steel Transmission and Hummingbiird, but it was two solo tracks he recorded at home that bought him a ticket to Europe.
  • How to Grow a Band

    With big prospects even before their first album, the Bound Stems will need to learn from mistakes they haven't even made yet.
  • Short Takes on Recent Releases

    A local psych maven's beautiful bad trip, Eef Barzelay's hip-hop ho, and collectivist free folk from Glasgow
  • Blame Jim O'Rourke

    Twenty-three-year-old Stefen Robinson makes hip=hop out of cellophane and plays R & B on mandolin.
  • Loneliness Loves Company

    Devin Davis moved to Chicago alone, recorded an album alone, and put it out alone. Now he's got friends he's never even met.