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    When Allen Walker's bike fell off a city bus, he expected more than sympathy from the CTA.
  • The Sort-of Psychic

    Victoria Martin may have her doubts about the occult, but that doesn't mean she can't make a living off of it.
  • The System: Occupational Hazard

    A public defender tries to dump a job where he'd have to call a sitting judge a liar.
  • My Muff Has Tusks!

    If you've heard that one before, you've been burned by Kathy McGinty.
  • Big Ideas: Close Deep Tunnel

    The architects at Bridgeport's UrbanLab have a better plan.
  • White Collar, Red Blood

    And in this corner, Dr. Lawrence Feldman...
  • Love Story

    How Cece Richman From Hyde Park Became Flamenco Performer Celia Clara
  • Farmer's Cards

    Kids from all over the midwest wind up in Lincoln Park after college. And wind up in bars playing euchre.
  • Inside Stories

    Prison zines provide a little freedom--of expression.
  • Shofar Solo! Shofar Solo!

    Christians don't have a monopoly on God rock.
  • My Cousin the Saint

    Luis Urrea spent 20 years spinning a masterpiece of magical realism from his own family history.
  • His Back Pages

    Doug Phillips turned an attic full of rare volumes into a bookstore with a past.
  • First Man at the Massacre

    A few months before he died last year, veteran reporter Walter Trohan changed his story about how he beat the mob to the scene of the Saint Valentine's Day shootings.
  • How to Adopt a Coppola

    A Barrington Hills society matron bankrolls the black sheep of a cinema dynasty.
  • Follow-Up: Change of Plans

    Michael Altenberg's organic pizzeria opened last month--without its much-touted in-house baker.
  • Pimp to Pastor

    Bishop Don Magic Juan of the Magic World Christian Kingdom Church