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  • Musical Chairs

    New York, LA, Highland Park--everyone change places!
  • Time to Heal

    A doctor rebuilds his life after shattering experienced in the war in Bosnia
  • Witch Doctor

  • The Magic in the Magic Hedge

    Birders seeking birds and men seeking men cross paths in a springtime ritual at Montrose Point.
  • The Other Brickhouse

    Quiet and retiring, Nelda was nothing like her legendary husband, Jack. But after he left her for another woman, her independent nature emerged.
  • The Party Cabbie

    If you're just looking to get from point A to point B, John Rees is not the taxi driver for you.
  • Art: A Different Perspective

    World-class commercial photographer Sandro has higher ambitions.
  • The Cuban Connection

    Expat celebs head to Upper Cuts for a little Havana away from home.
  • Where Have All the Good Crimes Gone?

    Beat reporter John Drummond looks back on the days of Angelo the Hook and Jimmy the Lapper.
  • What Does John Doe Know?

    The guy blocking the special prosecutor's report on Chicago police torture may be trying to protect more than his own name.
  • He'll Take It

    Junk man Larry Gorski picks up where the grim reaper leaves off.
  • Lisa' Legacy

    How Tom Santoro turned a parent's worst nightmare into a lacerating lesson for dating-age girls.
  • He Calls It Like He Hears It

    Cubs fanatic Craig Lynch will tell you, it's not just the umpires who can't see.
  • That's No Dog

    Coyotes and foxes are quietly moving into the city.
  • Country and Eastern

    What does Japanese Hank Williams do for an encore?
  • Lunch With Mrs. Clinton

    Her accent rambles around on a continuum between Yale Law School and super-Dixie, depending on to whom she is speaking or what she's talkin' 'bout.
  • The Odd Couple

    Bob Hiebert and Sid Block celebrate 25 years of working in eerie harmony at the city's only gallery devoted to works on paper.
  • Axehead Lake

  • Bit by Bit

    Ron Keaton makes a decent living onstage--a rare feat, even if he'll never play Hamlet.