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Mick Dumke

Mick Dumke

I’ve been writing for the Reader since 2005, mostly reporting in-depth stories on urban issues such as government privatization, gun control, economic development, and drug policies. I’ve also been known to share thoughts on life as a sports fanatic who somehow always ends up cheering for losing teams. Previously I did stints as a staffer for the Chicago News Cooperative, the Chicago Reporter, and newspapers in Michigan and Virginia, and along the way my work has appeared in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune Magazine, and other publications you’ve never heard of.
  • Technology for Transparency

    Can Miguel del Valle bring the city clerk's office into the computer age?
  • The Rusty Lamppost Theory

    Alderman Bob Fioretti takes on the Second Ward's problems one streetlight, one mailbox, and one pile of dog poop at a time.
  • Council Follies: When Activists Attack

    Animal-rights groups peck away at the City Council as it considers two different ordinances to repeal the foie gras ban.
  • Elections: Aldermania!

    The 15th Ward's unpredictable race; getting down to business in the 49th; big labor, big wallet.
  • Elections: Aldermania!

    Burt Natarus and a rogue videotaper; the Anybody but Stone campaign; a Chinese restaurant caught in Colon-Colom crossfire
  • Elections/Aldermania!

    This week: selective memory in the 46th Ward, a vacant lot in the 9th, and fear in the 14th
  • Elections: Aldermania!

    This week: a sign skirmish in the 3rd Ward, a marriage of convenience in the 2nd, and a MySpace campaign in the 12th.
  • Elections: The Men Behind the Curtain

    Most voters have never heard their names, but these two well-connected guys decide who's allowed to run for office in Chicago.
  • Elections: Running With a Pack

    If Jesse Jackson Jr. is going to run for mayor, he's not going to do it alone.
  • Who's the Boss?

    The big-box minimum-wage debate caused a rift in the council that could spur the birth of a new independent movement.
  • Business as Usual

    The day word got out about Todd Stroger, aldermen fondly remembered a patronage king and defended their own nepotism.
  • The Master Debaters

    A committee hearing on two proposed living-wage ordinances turns into a pissing match.
  • A High-Horsepower Spiritual Quest

    A friend remembers the only Medill grad he knew who could go zero to 100 in under three seconds.