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    • Potty Poet

      Armed with gum tack and verse, Sid Yiddish is turning public bathrooms into alternative spaces for reflection.
    • Books/No Wiseguys Just Guys

      Ex-journalist Donald Evans turns his stint as a gambler and bookie into a debut novel.
    • The System: Occupational Hazard

      A public defender tries to dump a job where he'd have to call a sitting judge a liar.
    • Lifestyles/Earn Local, Ride Global

      George Christensen spends the winter as a bike messenger and the rest of the year touring the world on two wheels.
    • Setting the Bar for Smut

      Every Saturday night Steve "Pudgy" De Rose turns the Twisted Spoke into a porno house.
    • Up Everest, Quietly

      Sophia Danenberg was the first black woman to sit on top of the world and nobody noticed.
    • Everybody Loves a Parade

      Andy Thayer finally figured out how to get an antiwar protest routed down Michigan Avenue.
    • The Devil Made Him Do It

      After touring from Java to Spain, septuagenarian flamenco dancer Edo Sie found stomping grounds in Chicago.
    • Driving Miss Mary

      Keeping up a little-known Catholic tradition is getting harder.
    • Does Rehabilitation Work?

      For his latest PBS documentary, Tod Lending spent three years following two ex-cons as they struggled to stay straight.
    • And Then I Got Called a Pussy Faggot

      All the flak he's been catching for his inflammatory stamp art has persuaded Al Brandtner that he really is an artist.
    • The Cubbalist

      Rabbi Byron Sherwin knows how to lift the Cubs' curse. But don't ask him to do it.
    • The Midlife Crisis Cha-cha

      He lost it all but found the will to dance.
    • The Trash Man Cometh

      This week outsider artist Derek Webster has more work around town than any insider.
    • My Own Private Radio

      Joe Gentile, the "Baron of Barrington," puts his mouth where his money is: WJJG, 1530 on your AM dial.
    • He'll Take It

      Junk man Larry Gorski picks up where the grim reaper leaves off.
    • Loss of Faith

      Was Khalid Awad crazy to think he could get everybody on the same page with a guide to world religions?
    • On the Road (tm)

      Youthful idealists seek enlightenment--from the captains of industry.
    • Sturgeon on Call

      A plan to eradicate Lake Michigan's pests. A trained assassin. A hitch.
    • Game Boy

      What Sean Kelly did when his video game collection got too big for the garage.
    • Done Fishing

      Two buddies make hay on the last day of the best perch season in recent memory.
    • On the Hunt

      When your village needs a well, a northwest-side neighborhood is as good a place as any to look for cash.
    • Indomitable Snowman

      Keeping Up With the Iditarod
    • The Press Conference That Wasn't

      MoveOn's Chicago team learns the hard way that timing is everything.