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  • Letters & Comments: November 4, 2010

    "So for you to come out and announce that you're going to cast votes based on fear—that's a gray, blustery, sad day for the city of Chicago."
  • Letters

    Sorry, Brien, and sorry bros
  • Letters & Comments: August 12, 2010

    "Our comment system requires someone to be marginally less incompetent than you are in order to have a sock-puppet conversation with himself."
  • Letters & Comments: March 11, 2010

    "Outside the hothouses of college campuses, political correctness is generally recognized as short-hand for the cult of victimization and attempts to rewrite history as a series of class, race, and gender power struggles."
  • Letters & Comments: April 8, 2010

    "I am so angry. I am a National Board Certified teacher, and my stipend has been cut. Promising young teachers at my school have been laid off, while we have four administrators at my school that make over 100K."
  • Letters & Comments: March 4, 2010

    "That is the thought that wakes up many parents of such people in the middle of the night."
  • Letters & Comments: April 15, 2010

    "Later reports from the researchers indicated that the government-approved smokes were very weak compared with street purchases. And so the story continues."