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    • Stand Up and Be Manipulated

      The Hypocrites' take on a play about madness isn't just deliberately maddening--it's actually physically uncomfortable.
    • Joffrey Ballet

    • Stage Combat

    • War Stories

      Soldiers' tales obscure the truth in one play and illuminate it in the other.
    • The Invisible Woman

      In Clint Sheffer's new play, two men connect over a mutual love interest.
    • Morning's at Seven

    • Everything Is Nothing

      David C. Field overstuffs his play about physics and philosophy.
    • There Is No Drama Here

      The uneven, unrelated oral histories in An Unobstructed View don't add up to a play.
    • The Break of Day

    • Runaway Home

    • Joffrey Ballet

    • True But Not Genuine

      Playwright David Barr III focuses on peoples rather than people in his new docudrama.
    • An Unfinshed Riddle

      Oppenheimer, Lilith, and T.S. Eliot walk into a bar . . .
    • Misdirecting the Troupe

      Writers Theatre gives Nick Whitby's acclaimed antiwar play its North American premiere, but Kate Buckley's interpretation doesn't do the script justice.