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Jeffrey Felshman

  • Hell in a Cell

    Tamms supermax prison was built to punish disruptive inmates with temporary solitary confinement. Yet Reginald Berry spent the better part of eight years there—and he was luckier than many.
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  • Life After Exoneration

    South-sider James Newsome and other casualties of the justice system speak up in a new oral history from McSweeney's.
  • Whose Holocaust Is It Anyway?

    Why Alan Dershowitz wants DePaul professor Norman Finkelstein fired.
  • A Neo-Futurist Never Looks Back

    After a painful divorce and a three-year hiatus, the creator of the long-running Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind is recharged and looking to expand the franchise.
  • How to Win the War on Drugs

    Picnics, dancing, bowling--these are all part of a local program for convicted drug offenders that's cheaper and more effective than prison.
  • A Fast Woman

    Divorce makes some women want to cut their hair or lose weight. It made Juliann Pokorny want to drive through cones at 70 miles per hour.
  • Dog Bites Man

    Man says "Good boy!" Teaching pets to attack might keep them from attacking.
  • How's Business?

    Some south-side proprietors have weathered the economic storms of the past year.
  • Jazz in Bloom

    Teacher David Bloom has a rare gift for putting music into words.
  • Shame of the VA

    The Veterans Administration's undeclared war on its hospitals has turned patients back into fighters.
  • Dead Man Talking

    After nearly a decade on death row, Rolando Cruz gets a life.
  • Sex and the Single Rhinoceros

    Dr. Nan Schaffer's crusade to breed rhinos may be the only way to save them.
  • War Bonds

    The last time he saw her, she was a 14-year-old girl risking her life to save him from the nazis.
  • Fighting Over Scraps

    Once dedicated to good governmnent, the IVI-IPO has gone from watchdog to lapdog.
  • How to Win Enemies and Influence People

    RICK GARCIA may be Chicago's most effective gay activist. He's certainly the most controversial.
  • SIDS or Murder?

    Ron Rakow felt responsible for the death of his infant son. Does that make him a murderer?
  • The Foreskin Flap

    Is Circumcision Really Worth It?
  • Blind Alley

    You don't have to see the pins. You just have to knock them down.