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  • The Modest Master

    The least-known Cahiers critic who became a filmmaker is also the funniest.
  • The Director's Cut

    Jean-Luc Godard's truncated magnum opus is still poetic.
  • Geishas Without Diaries

    In Mikio Naruse's 1954 masterpiece the smallest gestures tell you the most about the characters.
  • A Quirky Cowboy Classic

    In his first feature as a director, a western about the mistreatment of Mexicans in west Texas, Tommy Lee Jones puts his trust in the power of storytelling.
  • Outsider Artists

    Filmmakers Hou Hsiao-hsien and Albert Brooks go abroad to look around and within.
  • Another Day, Another Genre

    Woody Allen does OK when he doesn't try too hard.
  • Marilyn Monroe's Brains

    To this day people confuse the actress with the dumb blondes she played. But you can see her intelligence right there on the screen.
  • Changing Direction

    Jacques Rivette's documentary of a conversation bewteen director Jean Renoir and actor Michel Simon heralded a radical shift in his style.
  • War Porn

    Is it possible for a commercial feature about war not to glorify it even a little?
  • A Depth in the Family

    Cronenberg's latest is a masterful blend of thriller and art film.
  • Arms and the Men

    Taking responsibility for what happens in war is the subject of a searing documentary and a satirical fantasy.
  • Less Than Transgressive

    For a movie that consists almost entirely of real sex and real rock 'n' roll, 9 Songs feels remarkably conventional.
  • Kurtsploitation

    Gus Van Sant's latest makes Cobain's mystique do most of the work.
  • Wright in Japan

    How they influenced him--and he them.