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    • Please Kill Me

      Stan Schutte spent ten years turning his downstate farm organic, but he still can't sell organic meat because he doesn't have access to an organic slaughterhouse. So now he's building his own.
    • What's Wrong With School Lunch?

      Everything, say reformers like local caterer Greg Christian.But to change it is to fight the government, agribusiness, and the kids themselves.
    • Pie in the Sky?

      With demand for organics outstripping supply, is it possible to run a completely organic restaurant and still make money? Michael Altenberg thinks he has the answer--and it's pizza.
    • Bye-Bye Bell's

      How Illinois beer distribution laws, fiercely protected by a powerful industry, drove away one of Chicago's favorite small brewers.
    • Alpana's Revenge

      Now that the wine world takes her seriously, Alpana Singh wants to show the world that wine doesn't have to be serious.