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    • The More Things Change

      The system that was supposed to diversify the judicial system is (barely) working.
    • Running on Water

      Debra Shore thinks the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District could be key to the future of the region and the environment. That's why she's raising real money to win an office most candidates barely campaign for.
    • But Can He Hack Prison?

      Jeremy Hammond is accused of hacking a conservative Web site in order to get credit card numbers for a political prank. If he's indicted, he could be facing serious time.
    • See Kendall County!

      These Parts: Why not? You're about to pay for the roads there.
    • Birth of a Pundit

      The number of kids affiliated with the College National Republican Committee has more than tripled in the past six years. If they're all like Guy Benson, liberals should be shaking in their boots.
    • Paradise Lost

      The projects used to be a great place to live, says Jim Fuerst. Then the CHA fired the woman who made them that way.
    • Moonstruck

      What is Congressman Danny Davis's relationship with the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and what's he doing with that crown?
    • This Old Lodge

      Who needs new blood to resuscitate their ancient secret society? They do.
    • Trapped

      Joy couldn't get Damien out of her life--till she stood over him with a pan of hot oil. Now she's asking Governor Ryan to let her out of prison.
    • Philosophy Rocks

      A smoking-hot double bill packs 'em in.
    • Temporary Beauty

      Poetry guerrillas hit the pavement.
    • Sticker Shock

      Someone covered up Schulter's stickers in the 47th Ward, and you can bet his archenemy Ed Kelly will keep be on the lookout for the mysterious culprit.