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    • Hands Across the Water

      Ben Ruth's 40 years too late for the British Invasion, but that's not stopping him.
    • Altar Ego

      The Chicagoland Community Church goes to the goths.
    • A Second Childhood

      Beth Bosworth's new novel revisits the setting of her autobiographical debut, but this time there's laughter in the air.
    • How to Be Invisible

      One has written his first novel; the other has a new self-produced CD. The boys of Ghostweed Press are gifted, funny, and completely hopeless at getting noticed.
    • Indecent Proposal?

      PETA gets wind of a Field Museum request for lemur specimens, and guess what happens next.
    • Anarchic Dumplings

      Can vegan gnocchi smash the capitalist state?
    • Just Here on Business

      This isn't a pub crawl--it's a bunch of guys going from bar to bar and having a drink at each one.
    • Popped Joints and Locked Knees

      The once-young stars of "Poppin' and Lockdown" get down and creaky for a good-natured attack on a 1980s craze.
    • Here There Be Cheeseheads

      Will's Northwoods Tavern and Supper Club on a Sunday afternoon is no place for nonpartisans.
    • Comedy Sports

      The Score's Boers and Bernstein mix a little Bozo in with the box scores.
    • Road Rage

      CTA users gather to gripe, commiserate, and try to improve service.