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    • Art Underfoot

      A painter does her best work in nightclubs, but her audience would rather dance.
    • Preemptive Strike?

      A handful of activists planning to disrupt Boeing's shareholder meeting at the Renaissance Hotel had barely made it out of their room when they were shown the door by a battalion of cops.
    • Time to Go Legit

      John Dal Santo/Birthday Bust
    • The Boys of Cell Block E

      How a lawyer, a waiter, a teacher,a minister, and a tourist who stepped out of the Cheesecake Factory at the wrong time found themselves sharing a steel toilet.
    • Aldermania!

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    • Rockeros on the Rise

      The area is crawling with arena-ready Latin rock stars. Now all they need is to get booked into the arenas.
    • War of Words

      Faced with anti-yuppie grafitti and a stinging satirical attack, Alderman Eugene Schulter fights back with a lawsuit.
    • Hanging By A String

      Operating on the margins of a marginalized art form, Ralph Kimpniss somehow keeps his puppets swinging and his hopes alive.
    • Self Help

      Banker Amrish Mahajan insists that his position on the city Plan Commission had nothing to do with a recent business deal, but the competition isn't so sure.
    • Snakes in the Grass

      The threatened eastern massasauga rattlesnake is finding out the hard way who its friends are.
    • Real Horror Show

      George Romero's experience with the film industry has been as much a bloodletting as any of his infamous features.
    • The Welcome Wagon's on Blocks

      The Old Town School puts on a friendly face as its new neighbors grumble.
    • Grave Robbers

      Cemeteries are parks to some people, mini malls to others.
    • Careful What You Ask For

      With swelling ranks and a unifying cause to rally around, why did the leaders of an Uptown block club cut and run?
    • Is This Healthy?

      Ravenswood and Ilinois Masonic hospitals may merge, but some worry that good business isn't the same as good medicine.
    • A Real Pain in the Tracks

      The CTA had activist Adam Kerman arrested for leafleting at a subway stop. Think it had anything to do with his leaflets?