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    • Both Sides of the Border

      Mexican immigration isn't just transforming the U.S.--it's also transforming Mexico.
    • Hecho en Illinois
    • Hecho en Illinois

      Almost all the canned pumpkin in the U.S. comes from downstate Morton. Most of the people who pack it come from the tiny Mexican town of La Soledad.
    • A True Crime

      How a rape victim wound up being treated like a criminal
    • Aldermania!

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    • Dumped for Another Man

      Twelfth Ward alderman Ray Frias stepped out of line and now he's been deserted by the Latino political machine that got him elected. He still claims to have Daley's support--but so does his opponent.
    • Strikers Strike Out

      Workers at V&V Supremo Foods agreed to compromise and return to their jobs before Christmas, only to find their bosses had a surprise waiting.
    • Clinical Depression

      The city wants out of its health clinics. Where does that leave its patients?
    • Congratulations! You Lose!

      Bush's Tax Refund Checks Are On Their Way. Don't Get Too Excited.
    • Projected Losses

      As the library prepares to take its 16-millimeter-film collection out of circulation, a movie lover scrambles to show the world what's about to be packed away.
    • Pilsen Power Play/UNO in Action

      Skeptics wonder why a community group would join forces with Alderman Danny Solis and City Hall.
    • Too Good for His Own Good

      Thinking outside the box worked wonders at Boone Elementary. Now Vallas may fire the principal.
    • Uninsured Liability

      The state could lose millions by not providing healthcare for poor working parents.
    • Crunched by Numbers

      Some of the housing units going up south of UIC were supposed to be "affordable," but do people lining up to buy them need subsidizing?
    • U.S. Open?

      It's been almost 15 years since the last general amnesty for illegal aliens, and support for a new one is growing.
    • Just Say No

      Most agree that teaching kids to refrain from sex is a good idea, but should sex ed stop there? And should the Moonies be the ones teaching abstinence in public schools?
    • Running Through a Loophole

      Mexican law may prohibit Raul Ross Pineda from voting in his country's elections, but there's nothing that says he can't be a candidate.
    • State-of-the-Art Dreams

      A glut of high-tech jobs may translate into unexpected careers for low-income residents.
    • Worker's Play Time

      Activists have figured out that using puppets, costume, and street theater is a good way to get attention.
    • The Power Nobody Wants

      Twelve years ago the creation of Local School Councils gave the public unprecedented control over their schools. Thousands of parents and community members got involved. So where's everybody now?
    • Fear Strikes Out

      Lakeview residents put asid their trepidation and welcome a Deborah's Place shelter into the old convent at Saint Alphonsus.