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Cate Plys

  • Pray for Us All; Beavers Plays With Fire

    Though most of the aldermen were alive and even grown up in 1954, none apparently remember that "under God" was added to the pledge that year because religious leaders persuaded Congress that we should distinguish ourselves from our enemy, the Soviet Unio
  • Gun Crazy

    Let's face it, the military doesn't take 18-year-olds for their responsibility and maturity.
  • The Party's Over

    Stroger used a time-honored strategy to pass his budget: put it off until the last minute, then wear 'em down.
  • The Council Disapproves

    For Mayor Daley, the Hired Truck scandal is "possibly the same thing as with George Ryan," said one alderman. Another aldreman agreed, adding, "The only thing you don't have in this case, you don't have any dead children."
  • The County Board Gets Bizarre

    Cue the Twilight Zone theme: once Daley joins Stroger on the podium, the exact same group of people, sitting in almost exactly the same seats, becomes the finance committee.