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    • Bullheaded

    • A Chance to Save Her Life

      Who was this woman, and what did she have in mind?
    • Getting the Picture

      You can bring the world into sharper focus, but do you want to?
    • War Stories

    • Mere Mortals

      My hospital roommate and I didn't have much in common except that we were stil both alive.
    • Schoolhouse Crock

      Critics of higher eduation do research the eficient way--they start with the conclusion.
    • Screwball

      Microbrews, dancing Elvis, goose races...whatever happened to good old-fashioned fun at the ballpark?
    • Line Kings

    • In the Light

    • Ramblin' Man

      From the sublime to the ridiculous to the supermarket and back.
    • The O.J. Filter

      An Interactive Dream
    • Home

      There are mornings when I step out on the front porch, and the bells of the historic old churches are sounding in the distance, and the vendors who sell the Spanish ices and the ears of corn and the tropical fruits on a stick are pushing their carts, and
    • Culture: Aliens Stole Our Brains!

      There used to be a real tradition of debunking in America. No one wanted to be the chump who fell for the tall tale.
    • Dear Esquire

    • Beaters

    • The Year of Recovered Memory

      We are all victims of abuse. And now we know who to blame.
    • No Problemo!

      On Handy Andy, Free Trade, and the CSO's 1958 Living Presence Recording of Ma Vlast
    • Axehead Lake

    • Cleanup Crew

    • Father & Son

      Here we are in a little grove, looking out on a river where Pere Marquette and his Indian guides once paddled in birchbark canoes, and here is a boy who ought to be in school but seems instead to be living in the back of a van learning about life from his