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    • Reading: Union Buster Tells All

      "The only way to bust a union," writes the repentant Marty Levitt, "is to lie, distort, manipulate, threaten, and always attack..."
    • Reading: The Plot to Get Nixon

      In Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin's revisionist history of Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein are not heroes but collaborators in a sinister military conspiracy.
    • Michael Pensack Against the World

      The self-styled tenants' advocate has brought landlords and renters' groups together to work on a common goal: putting him out of business.
    • Lot of Trouble

      The neighbors wanted a park. The architects wanted to build houses. Their bizarre legal battle included a convicted counterfeiter, a disputed signature, and three deeds to the same piece of property. It started four years ago, and it isn't over yet.
    • The Politics of Garbage

      Recycling Makes Strange Bedfellows: How did Ed Burke get recycling religion? Why are not-for-profit recyclers lining up against his container deposit bill?
    • A Bridge Between Neighborhoods

      On one side, in Pullman, are the whites. On the other side, in Roseland, are the blacks. Last summer they met at a mural on 113th Street.
    • What Ever Happened to Joe Hill?

      He was executed by a Utah firing squad in 1915. Then he was cremated and scattered to every continent (except Antarctica) and every state (except Utah). He was confiscated by federal agents, sent to a mysterious Chicagoan, mutilated by the Post Office, an