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    • Cuadecuc-Vampir

    • Rare and Revelatory

      The first North American retrospective of Catalan underground filmmaker Pere Portabella is a don't-miss.
    • Lies About Lying

      Infamous treats Truman Capote with a dose of his own medicine.
    • The Science of Sleep

    • Confetti

    • A Radical Idea

      A dedicated, charismatic, crack-addicted history teacher is the most believable protagonist in an American movie this year.
    • Half Nelson

    • Hollywoodland

    • Cheap Thriller

      Unlike the famous movies it borrows from, 13 (Tzameti) is hollow at the core.
    • Lassie

    • Boynton Beach Club

    • The Illusionist

    • Films From Lebanon

    • Heading South

    • Cinema as a Social Act

      Like a good magician, director Neil Burger requires audience participation.
    • Nice Bombs

    • It's All About Us

      Though Oliver Stone has long been branded a liberal, his myopic take on 9/11 isn't a surprise.
    • Changing Times