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    • Politics: The Movement's Next Move

      In the size as well as the shape of its vote, the progressive coalition looks very much today as it looked in February 1983. There's no reason now for fratricide or finger-pointing.
    • Is Tim Evans for Real?

      Is his "progressive" posture a campaign contrivance, or has he truly crossed the river from the machine to the movement?
    • Politics: Primary Lessons

      Are the media underestimating the potential of the Evans campaign? Does he have a chance to win?
    • Is Rich Daley Ready for Reform?

      Often he is, when it's easy and expedient. But when the political stakes are high, he usually lies low.
    • The Law: When Do We Vote?

      Sawyer v. Evans, round three: a case study in how lawyers can make a complicated mess out of something that ought to be simple.
    • Comment: The Lies of Adolfo Calero

      The contras' leader spoke recently at a University Club breakfast. Here are a few of the things he neglected to mention.
    • The Law: People v. Robert Bork

      Reagan's Supreme Court nominee may be the only man alive who can unite the diverse factions of the Democratic Party in Illinois.