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Grant Pick

  • Hot Shot

    For decades street photographer Gary Stochl never showed his work to a soul--not even his parents. Now, thanks to a twist of fate or two, he's in the Art Institute's collection and has a monograph on the way.
  • The Eyewitness

    When she was 15, Holly McGuire was certain she'd seen Jason Gray murder three kids. Back in court at age 30, she didn't seem so sure. Now his fate hangs on whether she can still be believed.
  • Antenna Invasion

    There's a cell phone antenna coming soon to a condo, church, or school roof near you. And if you don't like it, well, there isn't much you can do.
  • 15 Candidates!

    We Can Help--The Reader's Guide to the Big Showdown
  • Still Doing Time

    Busted for abusing a teenage girl, Larry will be considered a sexual predator for life.
  • The Money Pit

    After years of nursing the moldering Roseland mall through increasingly hard times, Pierre Romeus figured he should have been taken seriously when he offered to buy the building. The owners saw things differently.
  • Hair Brawl

    It looked like the perfect match of style and vision: Joe Reuve's skill and popularity combined with John Vaillancourt's business smarts. But the combination was more like a tangled mess.
  • A Tale of Ordinary Madness

    His keen mind made him a respected cardiologist. Schizophrenia made him a prisoner of his own delusions.
  • Bosom Buddies

    Robin and Kate are men, they're women, and they're best friends.
  • Like A Rolling Stone

    Arrest after arrest, Kent Fly always winds up back on the streets he's called home for more than a decade. What are we to do with a guy like that?
  • Stayin' Alive

    Running a business is tough in the south-side neighborhood of Roseland, where fear keeps people off the streets. But Eddie Davis and his family would rather fight than quit.
  • Miracle Mortgage Solution

    How a helpful woman walked into people's homes and walked out with the keys.
  • The Courage of His Convictions

    Coy Pugh has put hard drugs and hard time behind him, but memories fuel his career as a legislator.
  • Burned

    Adrianne Duncan had a horrifying accident at her waitressing job. Just when she thought the worst was over, she found out about her workers' comp.
  • In With the Out Crowd

    It's hard enough living through high school. Being gay can make it nearly impossible.
  • Three of a Kind

    The contenders for Sidney Yates's congressional seat scramble to display their differences.
  • Life after Death

    How Mike Hedges made sense of his job in the AudyHome after a criminal killed his child.