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Florence Hamlish Levinsohn

  • "I Can Do Anything"

    Meet Alfonso Segovia, the Manicurist Who Would Be Famous
  • A Girl in Trouble

    Now It's a Governmental Thing. Do Parental Notification Laws Really Protect Teenagers and Enhance Family Life? Or Do They Just Restrict Abortions?
  • A Radical Woman

    The Life and Labors of Mollie West
  • A Well-Connected Man

    Hi, I'm Phil Krone, political adviser, real-estate consultant, bon vivant. Want to have lunch?
  • A Woman of the World

    After 40 years of service to her fellow woman--in Sweden, England, South America, the Carribean, the U.S., and her native India--Kanta Khipple has landed un Uptown, where she heads a shelter for Asian victims of American-style domestic violence.
  • Abortion 1990

    When abortion is outlawed, only outlaws will do abortions.
  • Answering the Critics

    "The insurance industry and the AMA have spent huge sums describing how bad the Canadian plan is, distorting the reality, even lying."
  • Artists in Residence

    Pilsen's Pros Art Studio: Still Committed After All These Years
  • Carol Moseley Braun

    She has the credentials. Can she get the votes?
  • City Colleges Showdown

    The faculty contract expires in June. The battle lines are drawn and the opening shots have been fired. Caught in the middle are the students who can't get the courses they need.
  • Dear Landlords

    Any fool knows you can't make money on humane, unsubsidized, low-income housing. But Peter Holsten and Matthew Roddy are no fools.
  • Doctors For National Health

    Sick of the restraints and paperwork imposed on them by insurance companies and HMOs, a surprising number of American MDs have begun to prescribe the Canadian cure.
  • Either/Orr

    Which way will David run?
  • Human Relations Public Relations Power Relations

    The Revamped Commission on Human Relations: Is it the Daley administration's most significant act of political leadership to date? Or a typical consolidation of control over a variety of irksome minorities? Or both?
  • Lawrence Bloom for Mayor?

    Everyone admits he's qualified. Does anyone think he can win?