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Peter Margasak

Peter Margasak

I’ve been a staff writer at the Chicago Reader since 1996, which is when I started writing the Post No Bills column. It ran until 2004 and was reborn a few years ago as my Reader blog. I've written about all kind of styles and music-related topics over the years, from proto-punkers to rabid record collectors to... more
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    • Rex

    • Bright Moments

    • Look for the Indie Label

      Ken Waagner/ Small Is Beautiful; Kurt Griesch/ Tiny Is Too
    • Fred Van Hove

    • It Ain't Hummel

      Cynthia Plaster Caster/ Just Wants to Talk
    • Bottle Rockets

    • Rakim

    • Cornershop

    • Digging in the Underground

      The Replacements/ a Wimper; X/ From a Scream...
    • Ricky Skaggs

    • Acetone

    • High Llamas

    • Capitol Gains

      The Jesus Lizard/Dabbling in Futures
    • Rova