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Peter Margasak

Peter Margasak

I’ve been a staff writer at the Chicago Reader since 1996, which is when I started writing the Post No Bills column. It ran until 2004 and was reborn a few years ago as my Reader blog. I've written about all kind of styles and music-related topics over the years, from proto-punkers to rabid record collectors to... more
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    • A Bridge to Iraq
    • A Bridge to Iraq

      Amir ElSaffar forges a singular fusion of jazz and Iraqi classical music—and reconciles his roots in the process.
    • Great Black Music in Print
    • Great Black Music in Print

      After ten years, George Lewis's monumental history of the AACM is finally finished.
    • Ra Materials

      Hundreds of artifacts from Sun Ra's Chicago years nearly wound up at the dump.
    • Spirits on the Rise

      A determined couple with no experience have launched Illinois' first small-batch distillery.
    • Ask Me About My Grandma

      The Fiery Furnaces' latest flight of fancy is grounded in the true story of their 83-year-old grandmother, Olga Sarantos.
    • Socialized Medicine and Now This

      Empty Bottle staffers get a working vacation courtesy of the Norwegian government.
    • Pimp My Pine

      It's not just for Cub Scouts anymore.
    • Mmmm, Sauerkraut Custard Pie

      Meet Sue Anne Zollinger: no-wave guitar hero, doctoral candidate, collector of unusual pastries
    • Our Least Known Local Treasure

      Foday Musa Suso's played all over the world, but he mostly just sleeps here.
    • All the World's On Stage

      The acclaimed Chicago Immigrant Orchestra gets together again--for its second gig ever.