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Mike Sula

Mike Sula

I'm the Reader's lead restaurant critic and have been a contributor here since 1995. I've also written about politics, crime, film, health care, and paleontology, and have profiled a rainbow of urban eccentrics. My work has been published in in Harper's, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, NPR's The Salt,... more
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    • Books on Tape - All 27 of 'Em
    • Books on Tape - All 27 of 'Em

      Local producer Jobe Cerny, aka the voice of the Pillsbury Doughboy, directs Jim Caviezel, Marisa Tomei, Michael York, and other big names in the Greatest Story Ever Told.
    • Follow-Up: Change of Plans

      Michael Altenberg's organic pizzeria opened last month--without its much-touted in-house baker.
    • Working the System/Foie Fight

      Both parties in an animal-rights-related lawsuit live in California, but it's being decided here, in foie-gras central.
    • Enigmas/The Good Son

      Andrew Suh's sister told him to kill her boyfriend--and he did. Filmmaker Iris Shim wants to know why.
    • Urban Agriculture: The Pear Angel

      At the Green City Market, Oriana Kruszewski sells mind-blowing hand-tended Asian varieties at produce-stand prices.
    • My Muff Has Tusks!

      If you've heard that one before, you've been burned by Kathy McGinty.
    • Drunk With Knowledge

      What you can learn during Whiskey Week is limited only by how much you can drink before you stop caring.
    • Hombres in Tights

      The faithful gather at the Congress Theater to watch their masked heroes do battle.
    • Why I Never Read Neil Steinberg

      I'll tell you just as soon as I catch the bastard who keeps stealing my Sun-Times.
    • The Second-Chance Apiary

      In the void Sears left when it fled North Lawndale, a group of ex-cons is harvesting high-quality sweet stuff.
    • Casts of Thousands

      A Bucktown tackle shop lures fly fishermen from around the world.
    • The Kimchi Game

      Competing recipes, regional pride, and a short shelf life make for a lively market.
    • Skeleton Crew

      Academics may object, but these intrepid fossil hunters have found fertile ground for their thriving business.
    • Higher Learning

      Columbia professor Louis Silverstein preaches the virtues of wacky tobacky. So does his mysterious friend "Ganja," whose book he's promoting as avidly as if it were his own.
    • The Go-to Guy for Skinfo

      How Mr. Skin became the biggest name in celebrity nudity.
    • A Plague of Gastronomic Proportions

      How do you cope with a sudden infestation of big, feisty crayfish? With a big pot of boiling water, naturally.
    • Canned Cobra, Anyone?

      A collection of dubious delicacies.