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8: The Mormon Proposition

Reed Cowan and Steven Greenstreet frame this video documentary as an exposé of the Mormon Church's massive 2008 campaign to pass Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California. But this proves insufficiently demonic, and their scope eventually widens to include the suicides of gay Mormons, the grim lives of homeless gay teens in Salt Lake City, and allegations of past sexual deprogramming (including electroshock and lobotomy) at Brigham Young University. With its ominous synth score, endlessly tearful interviews, and Big Brother presentation of church elders (muffled audio of an LDS conference dubbed over blurry cathode-tube images), the movie is shrill even by advocacy-doc standards. A chaotic sequence midway through shows Mormon and gay-rights protesters shouting abuse at each other in San Francisco, and that's pretty much what the whole movie feels like. Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black supplies the voice-over narration.



  • Reed Cowan
  • Steven Greenstreet


  • Dustin Lance Black


  • Reed Cowan
  • Steven Greenstreet

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