Sam Worley
Sam Worley

Sam Worley

I joined the Reader in November 2010 first as an intern, then as an editorial assistant. I worked for a while as a staff writer until somebody had the questionable idea to make me deputy editor, under which title I oversee the copy desk and the paper's culture section. I also criticize a lot of things—even, from time to time, in print: art, books, restaurants. I enjoy crosswords, lentil soup, and Tom Swifties.


The misunderstood sex offender The misunderstood sex offender William's crime isn’t sympathetic, but among sex offenses it isn’t an anomaly. Why aren't the laws tailored to him? December 08, 2011
New Play Series: What's Next Lab New Play Series: What's Next Lab A new crop of Chicago-based playwrights get a chance in Evanston March 10, 2011

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