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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jamila Woods and Kevin Coval collaborate with Vinyl for a Cause to benefit Young Chicago Authors

Posted By on 06.26.18 at 10:00 AM

The cover for VFAC 004, by Chicago artist Paul Branton - COURTESY REVERB LP
  • Courtesy Reverb LP
  • The cover for VFAC 004, by Chicago artist Paul Branton

Today local label Vinyl for a Cause drops a limited-edition vinyl seven-inch called VFAC 004 in collaboration with Chicago-based online record marketplace Reverb LP. It's the fourth Vinyl for a Cause release, and like the first three, it brings together two local artists to reimagine each other's original creations—and half of the net proceeds go to a nonprofit chosen by the artists.

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Joan Crawford shines in five Hollywood classics

Posted By on 06.26.18 at 06:00 AM

Sterling Hayden and Joan Crawford in Johnny Guitar
  • Sterling Hayden and Joan Crawford in Johnny Guitar
Joan Crawford's screen persona ran the gamut—from flapper-comedienne in the 1920s to Hollywood tough gal in the'30s and '40s to more vulnerable characters in the '50s to a camped-up version of herself in schlocky genre films of the '60s and '70s. Along the way, a number of films cemented her as an indelible presence. Mildred Pierce, which is showing this Saturday and Sunday at the Music Box, was one; here are five more.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

South-side poet Kwynology wants you to fall back in love with Chicago at her open mike

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 04:13 PM

Kwyn Townsend Riley, aka Kwynology - MATTHEW HARVEY
  • Matthew Harvey
  • Kwyn Townsend Riley, aka Kwynology

South-side native Kwyn Townsend Riley, aka Kwynology, is in love with the city of Chicago. Her hopes for its people, her pride in its culture, and her appreciation of its influence on her individually were recurring themes in my conversation with her. They also appear in her recent poem "Windy." In the emphatic spoken-word piece that is as sobering as it is starry-eyed, Kwyn delivers a sermon on what her hometown means to her and expresses her gratitude, optimism, criticism, and vision for "Windy," which she personifies as a hurt person who only wanted to "burn blunts, blow trees, and do poetry, and be free" but has ended up burning "childless dreams."

"I want people to fall back in love with the city," Kwyn said. "It just feels like so many people have given up on it and are leaving it behind."

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The Pitchfork Music Festival announces its 2018 aftershows

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 02:34 PM

Michelle Zauner and her group Japanese Breakfast play Thalia Hall on Saturday, July 21. - JOYCE JUDE
  • Joyce Jude
  • Michelle Zauner and her group Japanese Breakfast play Thalia Hall on Saturday, July 21.

This morning Pitchfork announced the aftershow lineup for its Chicago music festival in July. There will be one prefestival performance on Thursday, July 19, and during the festival (it runs Friday, July 20, through Sunday, July 22, in Union Park) aftershows will take place at venues scattered across the city. Headliners include Japanese Breakfast, Girlpool, Kweku Collins, the Curls, Open Mike Eagle, and Zola Jesus.

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The film Superfly and more of the best things to do in Chicago this week

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 06:00 AM

Trevor Jackson and Lex Scott Davis in Superfly
  • Trevor Jackson and Lex Scott Davis in Superfly

There are plenty of shows, films, and concerts happening this week. Here's some of what we recommend:

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Ravenswood’s Sailor features jewelry, textiles, fine teas, handmade shoes, and more

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 06:00 AM

Sailor, at 4658 N. Damen - ISA GIALLORENZO
  • Isa Giallorenzo
  • Sailor, at 4658 N. Damen

Why would a successful jewelry designer—with a loyal clientele and her own line sold at more than 80 stores in the U.S.—sign up for the headaches of running a shop? "Love," answers Sara McGuire, 45, the owner of Sailor, a boutique she opened in Ravenswood last fall.

"It's something I've wanted to do for a long time," McGuire says. "To provide a larger context for the work that we make in the studio, to offer insight into how the work is made, to fill a space with art and objects that inspire. And to create something that's small, personal, distinctive, ambitious and welcoming, all at once. A store for everyday luxuries and special occasions. A neighborhood shop with broad horizons. Sailor is the shop I've always wanted to have on my corner."

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Time to yank Trump’s wretched name off his tower—or make him pay more taxes

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 06:00 AM

The eyesore - RYAN SMITH
  • Ryan Smith
  • The eyesore

The other day I was walking past Trump Tower, steaming over the sight of that wretched name on its side, when it hit me. I know a way that might make Trump take his name off that building. Make him choose between giving up the sign or the property tax break he effectively gets for having it there. He shouldn't get both—especially not in a Democratic city like Chicago.

All right, let me explain.

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Momotaro chef Mark Hellyar deconstructs the tuna hoagie

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 06:00 AM

"A lot of people hate canned tuna," says chef Mark Hellyar of Momotaro. "It gets a bad rap." He himself hated it growing up, he says, "because tuna casserole, that’s disgusting." He thinks that Jimmy Papadopolous, chef at Bellemore, was trying to trip him up by challenging him to create a dish with canned tuna. "Little does he know that I eat canned tuna a lot—had some yesterday."

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Electric scooters could be next to clog Chicago’s sidewalks and bike lanes

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 06:00 AM

Bird electric scooters in Washington, D.C. - JOE FLOOD VIA TWITTER
  • Joe Flood via Twitter
  • Bird electric scooters in Washington, D.C.

Last week's Reader bike issue was (mostly) all about the joys of Chicago cycling, but there's another two-wheeled transportation mode on the horizon that could potentially present a nuisance for cyclists and a hazard for pedestrians. E-mails I recently acquired from the Chicago Department of Transportation via a Freedom of Information Act request show that city officials and transportation advocates are wary of the potential negative effects that dockless electric scooter sharing could have on bikeways and sidewalks.

Dockless scooter technology is the latest craze in the burgeoning shared-mobility industry, which also includes the dockless bike-share cycles that were rolled out on Chicago's far south side in May as part of a nine-month pilot. As is the case with dockless bike share, scooter customers use a smartphone app to locate and check out the vehicles. The battery-powered devices offer a fun, zippy, sweat-free way to get around that's ideal for traveling between transit stations and destinations, and proponents say they can be part of the solution for reducing traffic jams and pollution in cities. Bird, a billion-dollar start-up that's the current industry front-runner, charges $1 to check out a vehicle plus 15 cents a mile. The tech has already taken off in peer cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

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Troll the Chicago hot dog fascists with this T-shirt

Posted By on 06.25.18 at 06:00 AM

  • Derek Erdman
Apart from open defiance, the second-best way to resist Chicagoans' pointless prohibition of ketchup on a hot dog is with mockery.

Artist and ninja-level japester Derek Erdman, who recently returned to town after an extended residency at the Stranger in Seattle, posted a good one on Facebook the other day:

Last night on an airplane to Chicago I overheard some guy talking about how much he loved Chicago-style hotdogs. When there was a lull in his dogsplaining I piped up, "They're great with ketchup!" and he gave me dagger eyes. I wrote down his address from his luggage tag because I'm a total psycho and I'm going to send him one of these very pedestrian joked t-shirts.

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