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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

12 O'Clock Track: Mother's Day is over, but there's still the Roches' 'I Love My Mom'

Posted By on 05.13.14 at 12:00 PM

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  • The Roches' Speak
My mom spends a lot of her time out of the country lately, so I get to see her a lot less than I'm used to. On Sunday I was able to spend much of the day with her, which was great; aside from it being Mother's Day, it was also nice to just catch up and hang out with her. The same day, my friend Alfred Soto posted this Roches song, claiming it was the best Mother's Day song ever. I've written about the Roches before for an In Rotation, but I had no idea that their music evolved out of its quirky folk beginnings into something stylistically different. "I Love My Mom" is off the Roche sisters' 1989 album Speak, which features a lot of slightly chintzy synth-pop music, not really all that connected to the sisters' folk music. But Speak still has the group's oddly childlike singing and tender, sideways perspective on adulthood. Just take "I Love My Mom": what can be viewed as a simple ode to mothers is also a poignant meditation on loneliness and craving emotional support. At times the music reminds me of the early work of the Magnetic Fields, with dreary lyrics drily disguised by ersatz music. That's not to say the Roches' love for their mother is disingenuous, but it's not quite overly sentimental either. Even though the music and the message are simple, the emotional texture of the song is complicated. And whose relationship with their mother isn't complicated?

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