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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Show some pride, Chicago: Boo Mayor Rahm in Sunday's parade

Posted By on 06.26.13 at 04:29 PM

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A photograph from last years Pride Parade
  • Chandler West/Sun-Times
  • A photograph from last year's Pride Parade
My man, the mayor, recently jetted in from another one of his vacations—this one to Israel—and picked up right where he left off before he departed . . .

Blaming someone else for the stupid stuff he's done—or not done, as the case may be.

Specifically, he blamed state legislators for 1) not passing a gay marriage bill, and 2) not giving him a holiday on the $400 million contribution he's supposed to make to the teachers' pension fund.

Well, as I've mentioned before—always, always, always believe what Mayor Emanuel tells you at your own risk, Chicago.

Let's start with gay marriage . . .

If you recall, state rep Greg Harris promised a floor vote, let the chips fall where they may.

But at the last moment—with tears in his eyes as activists jeered—he pulled the matter from the floor because it didn't have the votes to pass.

It didn't have the votes to pass because house speaker Michael Madigan and Mayor Emanuel didn't do jack to get those votes.

They didn't do jack 'cause it's so much more in their best interests to have gay marriage advocates coming back to them year after year, begging—please, master, please, let us be real citizens!

In Speaker Madigan's case, keeping the issue alive means more campaign contributions from gay marriage supporters flowing into his party's caucus.

In Mayor Emanuel's case, it means more grandstanding for those gay and lesbian voters, dumb enough to vote for him the first time around, whom he tells: You have no stronger friend!

Obviously the mayor had other, more pressing things on his legislative agenda last session. Like getting state representatives and senators to pass the bill he needed to waste $55 million in property taxes on a new hotel and a basketball arena for DePaul University.

While the public schools are so broke they can't afford toilet paper.

Now the mayor's telling people they should dedicate Sunday's Pride Parade to reflecting on the work that lies ahead in getting gay marriage passed.

That's chutzpah, people.

Here's what I say . . .

Should the mayor march in Sunday's Pride Parade, boo the hell out of him—just to let him know you're not as gullible as he clearly thinks you are.

As to the teachers' pensions, the mayor actually has a bit of a point, as even I must concede.

As he told reporters, there are "consequences of inaction, deferring choices, kicking them down the [road] and not dealing with them."

Hear, hear, Mr. Mayor!

But let's not forget that one of the card-carrying members of the can-kicking club was Mayor Emanuel himself—then known as Citizen or Congressman Emanuel.

Back in the 1990s and 2000s, he was a loyal follower of Mayor Daley, when Chicago's chief can kicker was spending money that should have been sent to the teachers' pension fund on other things.

Hardly any civic or elected officials dared to criticize Mayor Daley for that. On the contrary, Citizen/Congressman Emanuel joined the herd of leaders who urged us to reelect Mayor Daley in part because he was the fiduciary wizard who brought fiscal sanity to the Chicago Public Schools.

Now the mayor says all that wizardry was actually deceit. As though no one had listened when he tried to warn us many years ago.

More chutzpah.

You know, I think everyone—regardless of political or sexual preference—can agree that Mayor Emanuel's living proof that if you really want to go far in the world, it pays to have no shame.

One more reason for everyone to boo the hell out of him, should he march in Sunday's parade.

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