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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tim Dog: Dead or alive?

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Tim Dog
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Back in February rap geeks around the world mourned the passing of Tim Dog, a Bronx-based MC who caused a stir back in 1991 when he released "Fuck Compton," an inflammatory single that helped set off the East Coast/West Coast feud that would eventually result in Biggie and Tupac's murders. It was also hard as hell, which is one of the reasons why it's managed to stay in the hearts of rap fans who found the beef to be otherwise tragic and meaningless.

News of Tim's death originated in a short item on the Source website by Shah Be Allah blaming it on a seizure caused by complications from diabetes. It also noted that the last time Tim had made the news was in 2012 when Dateline set up a sting operation that seemed to have caught him in the act of defrauding women he met through a dating site.

Today that Source post is gone (but still archived online), and there's an arrest warrant out for Tim Dog in Desoto County, Mississippi. It seems that the Source item was the closest thing to proof that he had actually died. No one's been able to find a death certificate for Tim Blair, the rapper's real name, and one of his closest friends, who turned down Tim's family's request that he speak at the funeral, doubts that in the end there was even a funeral at all.

If Tim Dog turned out to be alive it would be a major blow to the likely infinitesimally small number of 90s rap diehards who had their fingers crossed for a Hologram Tim Dog at the next Rock the Bells fest. But it would be fantastic news for the women he stole from, including Esther Pilgrim, whose apparent willingness to pursue Tim Dog to the grave and beyond in order to get back the $19,000 he stole from her is the primary reason why prosecutors are looking into his alleged death.

And it would obviously also be fantastic news for those of us who think that an epically shit-talking rapper faking his own death in order to escape the fallout from a massive fraud operation conducted via online dating is one of the most entertaining things to happen this year. If Tim Dog turns out to be alive he could probably pay off his victims by selling the film rights to his story to someone interested in turning it into a heist comedy. I would watch that movie in a heartbeat.

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