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Thursday, May 16, 2013

New study shows that a woman's reading material reflects her willingness to put out

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What your choice of travel reading says about you!
  • What your choice of travel reading says about you!
Guess what, guys? A single female traveler's choice of airport reading material can indicate whether she's interested in hooking up with you! It turns out The Great Gatsby is as clear an indicator of sexual availability as a female baboon's red ass. And just as easy to spot—that cover is so iconic! (Assuming, of course, that the reader is a full-grown woman and not a high school student who has to plow through it for sophomore English.)

This information is proudly brought to you by, which has conducted the world's first-ever study of the subtle links between reading material and hookup potential.

Gawker once called "the #1 prosti-travel website", but Jennifer Gwynn, the site's PR manager and one of the great minds behind the study, claims that the site is really all about bringing people who like to travel together. Well, so long as one is "Attractive" and the other is "Generous." But even though this sounds like the plot of Pretty Woman, and even though MissTravel's sister sites include, we totally, totally should not be leaping to conclusions.

It all began innocently enough when Gwynn and her colleagues decided to ask the site's 47,230 female users about their reading habits. "We wanted to find out if our users are readers," she reports. "We found out that they don't read unless they're traveling."

Brandon Wade, the site's founder and CEO, found that nugget interesting. "We wanted to take that information and see if we could find meaning behind the books they choose," he said in a press release, "and use it help the guide man [sic] in his search for romance abroad."

The books MissTravel used in the survey were all New York Times bestsellers, the books most readily available in airport bookstores. They divided them into general categories—blockbusters, thrillers, humorous biographies—and tried to correlate the women's choice of reading material with their attitudes toward casual hookups.

Not on the list
  • Greenery Press
  • Not on the list
In order of most DTF (as the press release charmingly puts it) to least: readers of movie blockbuster tie-ins (Gatsby, Anna Karenina), sci-fi/fantasy epics (A Game of Thrones), romance-ish fiction (the Fifty Shades series, The Fault in Our Stars), humorous biographies (Bossypants, Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea), and thrillers (Gone Girl).

Some of the findings surprised Gwynn. "I don't know why," she muses. "I'd have thought readers of thrillers would be more promiscuous."

Maybe their reading material makes them more paranoid?

"Maybe," says Gwynn. "These are assumptions we've made. We didn't ask the women why."

There are no immediate plans to do a similar study of men, their reading habits, and their fuckability. "If there's interest, we'll do it," Gwynn promises.

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