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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A few nice words about Mayor Rahm

Posted By on 01.23.13 at 10:25 AM

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Dont be so nervous Rahm—Bens got nice things to say today.
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  • Don't be so nervous, Rahm—Ben's got nice things to say today.
I feel like I should say something nice about Mayor Rahm.

That's good.

'Cause I'm always so hard on him and I should mix it up.

That's right.

You know, late at night—when I can't sleep—this voice creeps into my ear, telling me to . . .

Be nice.

Yes—just like that.

'Cause it's wrong to think that everything Mayor Rahm does is cynically calculated to make him look better—as opposed to being in Chicago's best interests.

That's exactly what that little voice tells me.

Smart voice.

So I'm going to compliment Mayor Rahm for promising to follow "a transparent, open process" in selecting someone to replace Sandi Jackson as Seventh Ward alderman.

Good idea.

I know Mayor Rahm's doing this because he sent it out in a press release—in which he outlined the selection process—on January 17 at 10:32 PM.

Smart—because he wanted everyone to know all about his good idea.

Many hours after Mary Mitchell's January 17 Sun-Times column hit the street. Great column, by the way.


In her column, Mary quotes a recording of a conference phone call Sandi Jackson made to her "faithful supporters," who were in a room somewhere in Chicago.

Don't go there, Ben.

In which Jackson—calling from Washington, D.C., says: "Mayor Rahm may say he wants to have interviews; the people he will interview will be the people I am suggesting."

You were supposed to be praising the mayor, remember?

And then Sandi Jackson said: "People want to have their input. But for the most part, they turn that matter over to the alderman."

You couldn't just let it alone, huh?

Which means you got to figure that from the moment Mary's column hit the street, the mayor and his staffers spent the better part of the day trying to concoct some BS to make the PR problem go away.

Oh brother.

By making it seem as though they're going to have a transparent, open process, as opposed to just selecting Sandi's choice.

Man, oh man.

Proving that no matter what Rahm or his publicists say publicly, that little trickster's always got something up his sleeve.

That's not very nice.

By the way, you'd think that after all the humiliation and embarrassment Sandi and her husband—Jesse Jackson Jr.—have been through, she'd just quietly step aside. But noooooo.

Stay on the high road.

Later in the conference call, Sandi Jackson goes on this riff about how she—not the city—owns the furniture in the office "that you are currently sitting on." And how "I bought every item personally, and if the mayor upholds my wishes, everything in that office will stay the same. Keiana will inherit everything." Keiana being Keiana Barrett, Sandi Jackson's chief of staff.

Leave poor Keiana out of it.

Sandi wants Rahm to name Keiana to replace her. At the very least, she doesn't want anyone appointed who has anything to do with Darcel or William Beavers—the Jacksons' ancient rivals in the ward. As she makes clear when she says: "Should the mayor go against my wishes and decide to appoint somebody I do not agree with . . . I will not share those resources and I will find somebody to run against that person. I will disband that office before I let another Beavers supporter come back and take it over." You know, like the mayor can't afford to buy furniture for whomever he nominates.

You had to mention the Beavers.

You'd think that with all the trouble the Jacksons are facing with the federal investigation into Junior's campaign finances, they'd forget about the Beavers.

You had to mention the investigation.

One thing's for sure—Sandi's comments pretty much guarantee Mayor Rahm won't appoint Keiana Barrett.

Well, you're probably right about that.

On the bright side—at least Mayor Rahm hasn't made up a nonexistent girlfriend, like Manti Te'o did.


I told you I'd say something nice about the mayor.

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