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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If only Mayor Rahm treated Chicagoans like they were gun lovers

Posted By on 12.19.12 at 10:48 AM

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When it comes to treating paying customers with disdain, Rahm takes the cake.
Chicago's sportswriters have been up in arms since it became obvious that the Chicago Bears have utter disdain for them.

Especially star linebacker Brian Urlacher, who responded to criticism after Sunday's stink-bomb loss to Green Bay, by saying: "Two of the people I don't care about: fans or media."

Well, I have some advice for my brethren in the sports writing world: Man it up, wusses!

I mean, when it comes to displaying utter disdain for the little people, Urlacher's a piker compared to Mayor Rahm.

Where do we start?

He takes the money he gets from taxpayers—his equivalent of the paying customers—and gives millions to wealthy developers, and advocates tax breaks to gazillionaire traders and/or brokers.

When residents complain over development, he shoves it down their throats anyway.

When they say "don't close our schools," he makes double sure to close them. He outsources good city jobs to companies in Japan.

He does this weird thing where he goes into fire stations—his body guards at his side—and tells the firefighters he's cutting their pensions. Just to rub it in.

He can't stand teachers—at least, unionized ones. He hasn't talked to their union president in well over a year.

As for the press, Urlacher's a honey bear compared to Mayor Rahm. Ask him a question, and the answer's generally along the lines of "that's a stupid question." Or: "that's a really stupid question." Or: "If I put this [gun] up your butt, you'll find how effective this is!"

Oh, wait, that was our last mayor's response to a reporter's question. My bad.

I'd say that in the grand list of people for whom Mayor Rahm has disdain, the local press corps is right up there with voters who were foolish enough to vote for him under the mistaken impression that he had President Obama's endorsement.

As opposed to . . .

"I can't stand one more minute of that motherfucker so I'm gonna send his ass back to Chicago!" Which is probably a more accurate expression of the Obamas' attitude toward Emanuel.

Mayor Rahm has utter disdain for these voters, as witnessed by his school closings, job firings and pension cuts, etc.

Speaking of the mayor's days as Obama's White House Chief of Staff, Lynn Sweet had a revealing article in the Sun-Times about his role in stifling gun control legislation in 2010. The choice part comes when she quotes from Daniel Klaidman's book Kill or Capture.

She writes that when Attorney General Eric Holder lobbied to reinstate the ban on assault weapons, "Emanuel was furious. He slammed his desk and cursed the attorney general. Holder was only repeating a position Obama had expressed during the campaign, but that was before the White House needed the backing of pro-gun Democrats from red states for their domestic agenda. The chief of staff sent word to Justice that Holder needed to 'shut the - - - - up' on guns."

Wouldn't that be great if Mayor Rahm treated school teachers and firefighters and south and west side voters with the respect he once showed for red state Democrats?

These days, Mayor Rahm says he's a big supporter of gun control. So I guess you can say he was against gun control before he was for it.

Anyway, my advice to sportswriters is grin and bear it, so to speak. In another two weeks, this wretched season will be over and you won't have to deal with the Bears for several more months.

On the other hand, Chicago residents have to deal with Mayor Rahm every freaking day.

Your hearts should go out to us.

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