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Thursday, November 22, 2012

12 O'Clock Track: Ragana, "666"

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Alls Lost
  • All's Lost
I've been listening to Olympia's Ragana almost nonstop ever since Anti-Gravity Bunny founder Justin Snow wrote about the band one week ago. Mixing brittle black metal, hazy doom, and messy throwback emo, the female guitar-and-drum duo makes some great lo-fi, heavy tunes.

Ragana's recent All's Lost has quickly become one of my favorite releases of the year and today's 12 O'Clock Track, "666," is one of its best songs.

The tune is the longest on All's Lost, topping out past the six-minute mark, but it passes swiftly thanks to plenty of fuzzy, circular guitar riffs and all sorts of sudden dips and squealing crescendos that make "666" exciting throughout its run. The song is wordless until its final couple minutes, which are punctuated with short stanzas delivered with heaving sighs. Stream it below and grab All's Lost from Ragana's Bandcamp page.

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