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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 O'Clock Track: Jesus and Mary Chain, "Tumbledown"

Posted By on 11.20.12 at 12:00 PM

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For the longest time I've kept at least one Rolling Stones album and one Jesus and Mary Chain album on my iPod/iPhone at pretty much all times. Different ones get rotated in and out depending on my mood, but for the past couple months Beggars Banquet and Honey's Dead have had their respective slots on lock. Both are the kind of record you can get utterly obsessed with and learn what seems like every measure of every song by heart, then pick it up again after a few months on the shelf and find yourself totally immersed yet again. And each time I go back to them it it's a different cut I find myself fixating on.

My current Honey's Dead obsession is focused around "Tumbledown," which somehow remains a an obscure deep cut that didn't even make it onto their 44-song greatest hits collection Upside Down despite the fact that it's one of the more ridiculously hooky songs the group ever recorded. It basically sounds like the Reid brothers wrote an entire album's worth of material, then took the catchiest parts from the catchiest songs and stitched them together into a megaton sugar bomb swathed in ridiculous amounts of distortion.

Hit the jump to let it get its hooks in you.

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