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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The unlikables: why Mitt Romney lost the election

Posted By on 11.13.12 at 03:17 PM

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Whats there to like?
As part of my regular visit to the Ken Davis Show, we talked about the presidential election.

Actually, as you know, it's called Chicago Newsroom, even though Ken is the host. And we're thinking about changing the name to the Ben Joravsky Show 'cause I've been on it so many times.

Anyway, on the panel with me are two excellent writers: Carol Felsenthal from Chicago magazine and Kyra Kyles from Jet.

Let me tell you something, everybody had a lot to say. I thought I was at a family Thanksgiving dinner. Had to fight to get a word in edgewise. My favorite quote of the show was: "Romney can kiss my ass!"

Oh, wait, that was from last year's Thanksgiving dinner.

Anyway, the big topic of the show was, why did the Republicans lose?

Good question. Though from my point of view, the real question was how did the Republicans think they could possibly win with their strategy of essentially excluding many of the country's voters?

The Republicans used to brag about their big-tent strategy. Now it's the Democrats with the big tent. Why, the Democratic tent's so big that it even includes Republicans like Mayor Rahm!

I got a million of them, people.

I mean, this group of Republicans has to be the most thoroughly unlikable bunch of politicians I've seen since the Nixon administration. They treat gays like pariahs. They regard rape like it's a minor inconvenience. They want to send Latinos back to Mexico, even if they're not from Mexico in the first place. And their strategy for black voters is to throw them in jail.

That'll teach 'em for trying to vote!

And they wonder why they lost the election? Considering it all, it's a miracle they got as many votes as they did. And let's be honest, they only got most of those votes because apparently 60 percent of the white voters in this country still can't bring themselves to vote for a black guy, even if he was raised by two white people from Kansas.

You know, I may be too hard on the Republicans. Basically Mitt Romney employed the same strategy as John McCain did four years ago, and he got a greater percentage of the vote.

Think of it as progress.

I say try it again in 2016, Republicans. If Congress repeals the 22nd Amendment and Obama runs for a third term, it might work.

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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