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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Strange political bedfellows: Mayor Rahm and I, rooting for Obama

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Lets give Rahm a break for a bit.
  • Keith Hale/Sun-Times
  • Let's give Rahm a break for a bit.
In appreciation of Mayor Emanuel for going to Florida and Ohio to hustle votes for President Obama, I'm going to ease up on him—for the moment anyway.

Not going to give him grief for raising my water and sewer taxes or forcing that teachers' strike or doling out dough to the charters, or closing the mental health clinics.

Well, that last one's really asking a lot . . .

The point is—I take this presidential election very seriously.

It’s not just that I was raised a Democrat by New Deal parents. It's that the party of Todd Akin scares the shit out of me. Every year they get more extreme. Never seen such a collection of lunatics. If they retake the White House, they'll roll this country back to the 19th century, forget the 20th one, on everything from gay marriage to abortion rights to progressive taxation. They'll fill the Supreme Court with right-wing crackpots who make Antonin Scalia look like Earl Warren.

As you can imagine, I've been having a lot arguments lately with my left-of-center friends, particularly those of the Greenish persuasion.

Typical conversation goes like this . . .

Greeny: "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two mainstream parties."

Me: "You won't be saying that once Romney chops the top tax bracket to 10 percent, gets rid of health care, and privatizes social security."

Greeny: "Yes, I will . . ."

Me: "No you won't."

"Will too!"

"Will not!"

As you can see, this is not exactly Lincoln debating Douglas.

One Green voter—we'll call him Bob—told me: "There's not a Democrat worth voting for!"

To which I replied: "I'd vote for any Democrat over Romney!"

His eyes narrowed. "Any Democrat?" he asked.

"Any Democrat."

Then he went for the kill: "Even Joe Berrios?"

Whoa—stopped me cold with that one. Never imagined he'd take it there. Though, upon reflection, I think we'll agree that Berrios is more qualified than Sarah Palin and would pick better judicial nominees than Romney.

Well, apparently Mayor Emanuel feels the same way. Not necessarily about Joe Berrios as president. But about the need to reelect President Obama.

And even if he's supporting Obama for the purely pragmatic purpose of advancing his own career, I don't care. Like they say—the friend of my friend is my friend. Or whatever it is that they say.

I could make a wisecrack about how the mayor has to leave town to finally do some good. But why be like that?

So, c'mon, Mayor Rahm—get on down to Florida and get out that Democratic vote!

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