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Friday, September 28, 2012

Nope, Punk is still not punk

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Colorado Springs is definitely not punk
  • Colorado Springs is definitely not punk
As Miles Raymer explains in his smart Bleader post "Punk isn't quite punk," navigating punk before the Internet was something of a vision quest. It basically consisted of blindly diving into an already dodgy culture and building from whatever limited resources your small town or obscure suburb had to offer. He writes, "You might have some zines if you were lucky, or get tips and mix tapes from an older punk if you were very lucky, but more likely you'd have to settle for things like making note of the band shirts that the cooler members of Guns n' Roses wore in videos and photo shoots, or just blindly buying records that looked even vaguely 'punk.'"

In the mid-90s, I relied heavily on my older brother's catalog of tapes and whatever band stickers he slapped on his skateboard deck. It was an inexact science that resulted in the purchase of a lot of crappy punk albums that I discovered while scanning the label's catalog insert found in equally crappy punk albums. And I bought and shared a good amount of compilation albums.

I happen to believe in life-altering compilations—especially ones pieced together by best friends who move to major metropolitan cities when you're 13 years old, meet kids who have heard of Black Flag, and proceed to glean any and all punk tidbits from them to relay to you—but long ago, before Maximum Rock 'n' Roll had a website, mind-boggling punk comps like Westwood Promotions' two-CD/two-cassette compilation Punk existed to flat-out exploit the subversive phenomenon of "punk." This is best shown through the two-minute-long infomercial below that Miles initially posted back in May, featuring wigged impersonators trying to muster any kind of edginess and audio snippets of Crowded House and Huey Lewis & the News, who are about as punk as a pair of toothbrushes.

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