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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paul Ryan clears the air

Posted By on 09.04.12 at 07:32 AM

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But I really do make my own sausage
On a radio show last week, I said I had once run a marathon in two hours and fifty-something. I was estimating. A better estimate would be two hours and one hundred-twenty-something.

The year I ran the marathon, I also broke par. Or was it 100? I can't recall for certain. I do remember my pair of holes in one that day. I was playing Dubsdread near Chicago, or possibly the Janesville putt-putt.

The only thing more thrilling than that round was the 300 game I bowled a couple years ago. Game or series, one or the other.

Speaking of perfect games, can you believe we've had three of them in baseball already this year? And guess who saw all three in person?

You may have heard that I love to catch catfish bare-handed. It's actually goldfish I catch bare-handed, and I'm pretty sure I told the writer that.

Yes, I really do make my own sausage. It's simple, just don't microwave them too long.

During the radio show in which I misestimated my marathon time, I said I was from a "fairly typical middle-income family." "Rich and powerful" is more precise, but sometimes the tongue slips.

Those of you with copies of my resume—the black belt, Purple Heart, and MacArthur "genius" grant are typos.

This is Congressman Paul Ryan, urging you to Believe in America this fall.

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